Eliza Wolfson

Eliza Wolfson is a scientific illustrator based in Bristol, UK. She’s never been able to make up her mind whether to pursue art or science and, after nearly ten years of rigorous scientific experimentation in Edinburgh and Cambridge, has opted to do both. Perhaps equally indecisive, Eliza draws, paints, illustrates, cartoons or designs whatever takes her fancy using a mixture of traditional and digital media. She spends most of her time illustrating and designing around the microscopic world of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including the Microbiology Society’s Multicoloured Microbiomes colouring book. Eliza has a weekly webcomic called ‘Labrats’ based on her time spent in research labs and has been commissioned to graphically present scientific concepts for academics all over the world, including at the Universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leiden, Washington, Manoa and Okinawa. When she’s not doing that, she’s climbing, surfing, hiking or biking to get outside.
January 11, 2018

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