Michi Mathias

Michi Mathias draws random stories about the absurdities and annoyances of real life, using old-fashioned pen & ink and watercolour.

Despite her early life being filled with drawing, she is now trying to make up for mis-spent decades of jewellery-making, building work, environmental campaign work in Japan, translation and vegan sushi-making during which she accidentally stopped altogether. But happily, after aiming for tight realism in the past, her return to drawing has somehow veered toward a slight wonkiness whilst still retaining a measure of accuracy and detail, in a style people describe as quirky and humorous. Which is a lot more fun.

Her first-ever comic was a reaction to seeing a product for sale that shouldn’t exist, drawn to avoid having to keep thinking about it. Those two pages took forever but succeeded in getting the message across, to her great delight. In her illustration work she enjoys the problem-solving of finding ways to make complicated concepts clear, and especially likes working with small businesses or social enterprises doing good and interesting things.

March 26, 2018

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